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Samantha Kempf, Placenta Specialist

Samantha Kempf

Certified Placenta Specialist

Samantha is Kansas City’s first and only APPA Certified Placenta Professional. She has worked with over 150 families, helping them with the transition to new parenthood. Samantha uses a dedicated placenta workshop to ensure that her process is safe, fast, and convenient. She follows a Board Reviewed protocol when working with each placenta.

Placenta Encapsulation is not just her job, it’s her profession, each and every placenta is special and given the extra attention it deserves. Samantha is also a long-time La Leche League Leader, and she loves to help new families reach their breastfeeding goals.

What are people saying about Samantha?

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"Samantha was so easy to work with. Her Transport Kits made the whole process go very smoothly. I got my capsules back the day I got home from the hospital, and noticed a difference in my energy level right away. Samantha even helped me with breastfeeding the first few weeks. I can’t recommend her enough!"

-- Sarah P

"I just loved my entire experience with Samantha at Welcome Baby KC. She was so kind, and really knows her stuff. The flavored capsules are a must! She also made me a beautiful umbilical cord keepsake that is so special. Her attention to detail and extra add-ons really make her stand out among others in the field."

-- Megan P

"I just wanted to say thank you again! I am so happy with my decision to encapsulate. The benefits have been amazing. My body feels better now at 37 than it did with my first baby at 33. I’ve lost a little over 30lbs in the past 8 weeks, and have made enough milk to build a large stockpile for when I am away from baby. I sincerely hope that this will become a more researched and accepted practice so that more women can benefit the way that I have. Thank you!"

-- Amy H

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